Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Siri!

Today marks the 32nd birthday of my sister, Siri. My other sisters have left very cute messages on their blogs for her... mine won't be cute, but I wanted to take a second to tell her how much she means to me. Siri has always been my other mom. She has spent plenty of time taking care of me. I don't know how I would have made it through BYU without her. We've always had a special bond- probably from being the two of our ten siblings who have always been, and continue to be, away from home. When I feel lousy on a holiday or special occasion because I'm not at home with the family, I somehow always take comfort in the fact that she isn't there either. It truly has created something special between us. Siri is amazing- she has strength and courage beyond what "normal" people have. She may not see it, but I do. Siri is good at whatever she wants to be good at. If she decides she's going to do it, she does. I admire that so much. She is an amazing wife, mother, and aunt. My girls adore her and I love that. They get so excited when I tell them we are going to visit or that she is coming down to see us. I couldn't ask for a better sister or friend. Happy Birthday, Siri! I love you!

Easter Fun

So, I am finally posting our Easter pictures. Talk about a slacker. I've been busy trying to get everything ready for our big trip. It's amazing the prep time you need to leave your house for three weeks! I've had the girls clothes packed for a few days now... you know those winter clothes haven't been used around here in awhile. (Why, oh, why am I leaving prime spring weather to go to rain and possible snow...well, maybe the snow passed through this last weekend and will not reappear. We can always hope.) Anyway, our Easter was good. Because I have a fairly smart little five year old at my house, we no longer believe in the Easter bunny. She decided a couple Easter's ago that it was impossible for a bunny to do such things as leave Easter baskets and hide eggs. After all, "Bunnies can't talk or walk on two feet and they can't even hold a basket." So, being the totally unfun mom that I am, I didn't correct her and we will just not have the Easter bunny in our house probably ever. I already have to keep up the pretense of Santa and the Tooth Fairy. I just can't stand to lie anymore than that. :) However, before we even left the house on Sunday for church or Grandma's (where her cousins would be) we had to have a conversation about how even though we didn't believe in the Easter bunny at our house, some people still do believe and we can't ruin it for them. What a conversation to have with a five year old and a two year old. I am pleased to report that even under the pressure of a conversation I overheard with one of her cousins, Alexa didn't spill the beans and all was well. So, Happy Easter, everyone. May the Easter Bunny live longer in your house than it did in ours! Ahh... it looks so nice undisturbed. This will have to be the last year we have matching dresses. Alexa said something about it again. I told her to indulge me for one more holiday, then she could have her way. Besides, she's getting too tall to fit into any little girls dresses anyway.
If you look closely, you can see we have yet to do the Easter egg hunt part of the morning. There are couple eggs visible in the couch. I don't know if the girls even noticed until we told the to start looking.
This is one of our only shots of Leah on her first Easter. Leah spent about five days with a really high fever- running around 103 or 104. Some kind of virus going around, her doctor told us. This was one of those days. You can see her Easter basket being unloaded by her very helpful big sister. She was just too tired and too sick, I guess. Maybe next year will be better for her.
This was before church... can you tell Leah wasn't feeling well that day?
This was the attempt to take a picture after church. Believe it or not, this was the best shot out of about five.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Little Known Facts

So, I've been "tagged" by my friend Erica. I'm not exactly sure of the whole tagged thing. Is it like tag, you're it? Some kind of odd cybertag game that someone started? Well, I've decided to change it to "Little Known Facts". So, here are eight little know facts about me:

1. When I am in the car alone I only listen to classical music. When I am cleaning my house, I listen to Peter, Paul, and Mary... if my kids will let me.

2. I think one of my best features is my feet. I like them- I think they're cute. They have a nice shape and look good with nail polish on them. Yeah, you're all going to try to look at my feet now, aren't you?

3. My dream car is a minivan. Yes, a minivan. A Honda Odyssey, preferably. I am nothing but practical and I have three little kids. Need I say more? I lost the battle last year, however, when we bought a new car that would fit all of us before Leah was born. What's the big deal with having an SUV? I live in St. George- there's not much snow here; I'm not a fan of off-roading, so I don't need 4 wheel drive. And the difference in cargo space!! Ahh.... someday I will get my dream car.

4. I hate decorating. I'm not good at it, I don't enjoy it. Once something is up in my house, it stays there because I don't have the energy or the fashion sense to move it. Case in point: I have a wreath hanging on my door that has been there since I moved in. It's cute- very springy. OK, IT'S BEEN THERE SINCE I MOVED IN. How many Christmas seasons have passed and there it hangs. Even my husband has made mention of the fact that it might be nice to have a Christmas wreath hanging in its place during Christmas. So, I finally bought a Christmas wreath... maybe it will make it up on the door this year. Hey, at least I know decorating is not my thing, right?

5. Andrew and I have known each other for 10+ years and we have never danced together.

6. When I am angry, I clean. And, you'd better stay out of my way and not talk to me while I am doing it or you will get an earful. Once I am done cleaning, I usually feel better and can at least talk about whatever is bothering me in a calm, rational tone. However, this does not apply to washing dishes. I like washing dishes whenever because it is time that I can think and not talk to anyone. It's relaxing to me as long as I'm not being rushed through it.

7. I like teaching and speaking in front of people. I've had a lot of practice doing it in my 29 years and it is something that comes easy to me. If I am asked to speak on a certain subject I can almost always start planning my talk in my head immediately. It's a talent, I guess. I'm glad I'm good at something! And, even if a talk doesn't go as planned or a lesson flops, for some reason it doesn't bother me- I move on quickly and know there will be another chance to redeem myself at a later date.

8. I am a sucker for happy endings. I HATE unhappy endings. If I see a movie with a not so desirable ending, I spend hours being angry that I watched the movie, I devise a new ending in my head that better fits what I wanted to happen, and then I never see that movie again. Problem solved.

OK, those are my little known facts. I'm not "tagging" anyone. However, I am requesting little known facts from my mom, my sisters, my sister-in-law, Tracey and Kassie. Remember, this is just a request- you're not "out" if you choose not to play. :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am?

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

You are Elizabeth Bennet of Pride & Prejudice! You are intelligent, witty, and tremendously attractive. You have a good head on your shoulders, and oftentimes find yourself the lone beacon of reason in a sea of ridiculousness. You take great pleasure in many things. You are proficient in nearly all of them, though you will never own it. Lest you seem too perfect, you have a tendency toward prejudgement that serves you very ill indeed.

*My sister-in-law had this on her blog. My sisters and I all love Jane Austin, so I thought it would be fun to post this here. I'm not sure about the results- I don't see it, but that is what it said. I suppose everything must be taken with a grain of salt, right?

Monday, March 17, 2008


Tonight for FHE we dyed eggs. The girls loved it, of course. I found a kit that uses sponges that are attached to sticks to apply the dye. It was hardly any mess and was really easy for the girls to do. Maybe it's been awhile since I dyed eggs, but whatever happened to the cups of dye and the little wire egg holders? Do they still sell those? Not that I want them- this was much better than the old way.

I realized that we took no pictures of Leah... can you see her back there in her walker? She played... kind of. We spent most of our time picking her toys up and putting them back on her tray after she had thrown them off. I'm glad she thought it was a fun game.
Alexa was wearing one of my old shirts... this is one of the few pictures where the shirt isn't falling off her. Next time I will try to find one that doesn't have a V-neck.
Look how hard she is working!!

The eggs are done!! And, I don't think we even stained any clothes! (Of course, if I hadn't made them put old clothes on, we'd have stained whatever they were wearing... that is just how it works at our house.)

Can she really be five?!

Alexa opening her presents on Sunday morning. We let her pick out one of her gifts- a Purse Pal digital pet. It was actually a fluke; she and I happened to be at Target a couple weeks before her birthday and we went looking down the toy aisles so I could get an idea of what she wanted. We found the Purse Pal, she wanted it really badly and it was the only one. So, I told her I would buy it as long as she didn't ask to see it or talk about until her birthday. She slipped up a couple times as her birthday got closer, but she did really well.
Alexa was fairly specific with the directions for her cake. This is totally her design: the frosting, candies, sprinkles, and five PINK candles. She was quite pleased with her accomplishments.

So, I pretty much think I stopped aging about five years ago. In my mind, I should be about 23. The fact that I will be 29 this year is crazy! It doesn't bother me- it just seems impossible. It also seems slightly impossible that I could have a child who is five year old! We're so grateful for Alexa. She has always been my little friend. Because she acts so much older than she is, I've always treated her older than she is. I have to remind myself sometimes when she is having a five-year-old moment that she really is 5 and I can't expect her to always act older. She is far too smart for her own good- she catches on to everything (especially the stuff we don't want her to catch on to). I am excited to see where that takes her in this life. I expect she will do wonderful things in her own wonderful way and will impact those around her for good no matter where she goes. Happy Birthday, Alexa. We love you!!

Easter Already?

Our girls- aren't they cute? Yes, Leah is still wearing her PJ's, if you must know. She was asleep when we left our house and I just never bothered getting her dressed. However, it turned out to be a good thing- it was freezing outside and they kept her nice and warm.
The cousins waiting for the OK to head outside and start collecting. Oh, and Coco the dog (Nathan and Lydia's)... can he be considered a cousin?
Callie plopped herself on the floor almost as soon as she walked in the door. She did a great job this year- she's getting so big!
Breanna and Alexa counting their spoils when they are done.

I can't believe Easter is coming so early this year. We had our first Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma's house on Saturday. It was great because we didn't have to tell either of the girls what to do this year. Callie can finally keep up with everyone else and got just as many eggs all on her own. It sure makes life easier!

Alexa's Birthday Party

Autumn, Breanna, Alexa, Callie (who stayed with Grandma during the party), and Heidi in our front yard after the party... yes, I forgot to bring the camera.

On Friday we took Alexa and three friends out to lunch and to a movie. Alexa requested Wendy's (because of the toys in their kids meals) and Horton Hears a Who for her movie. Wendy's was fine- the girls were cute... really excited, I think. They giggled and laughed the whole time till we made them eat so we could get to the movie. Now, for those of you who don't know, Horton Hears a Who opened on Friday. We had tickets (bought before lunch, thank goodness) for the second show of the day. The line was INSANE. We got there about twenty minutes early and were way down the hall from the theater. And, there were a ton of people behind us. (Andrew and I were commenting that it was the very essence of what we hate: crowds of people on opening days. I'd rather wait till it's not so popular, then see it.) Then we waited. And waited. And waited. They finally started to let people in, we found decent seats and then we waited. And waited. And waited. The movie didn't even start on time, for pete's sake. And the girls all wanted popcorn, but there was NO way I was waiting in that line. I told them they would have to wait till the movie started then I would go get it. We were almost a half hour into the movie before the line was short enough for me to get popcorn. Anyway, the movie was cute, the girls had a good time, and Alexa said it was the best birthday ever.
I guess you can't beat that.

A Sad Moment

Here lies the body of our Beta fish, Jake. May he rest in peace and not be dug up by any hungry cats or birds. (The girls wouldn't let us flush him. They were horrified at the thought.)
Let's play a game of Where's Jake? Can you find him?

As I was getting ready to leave for my Presidency meeting, Andrew decided the time had come. He took the girls over to the tank and said, "See Dave? See how he's swimming around? Now look at Jake. What is he doing?" Yeah, they picked up on it pretty quickly. Callie almost seemed excited- she yelled, "IS HE DEAD?! YUP, HE'S DEAD!" However, I think Alexa almost shed a tear for her precious pet. So, they took him out back, dug a shallow grave (how deep can you get for a tiny fish?) and stuck him in. Dave seems to be getting along quite nicely without him. They took out the divider in the tank so he has the whole thing to himself. The girls got to watch him explore his new surroundings- they thought that was pretty fun. Anyway... one down, one to go.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


So, I'm up a little late tonight preparing my house for Alexa's birthday tomorrow. The family is coming for cake and ice cream, so there is a kitchen to clean, a living room to clean, laundry to finish and a fish tank to clean. Yes, that's right a fish tank. Last year at this exact time Alexa received money from Candy Grandma (a.k.a. Grandma Locke) for her birthday. She wanted to buy fish, and even though I severely object to animals, I allowed it to happen. And, much to my surprise, the two Beta fish we came home with have been fairly pleasant for the last twelve months... until tonight. I decided a clean tank for Alexa's birthday would be a good idea. She has been mentioning it to me for a few days now and I decided it was time. As I began scooping them out of the tank, I noticed Jake (the fish are named Dave and Jake after Andrew's old boss and his son- we had them over for dinner about once a week before Jake moved back up to Logan) was way too easy to scoop up. And, as I looked a little closer, I noticed he wasn't breathing. Now, Jake has been under the weather the last couple months- Andrew and I have both thought so. And yesterday as Alexa was feeding them she told me Jake must not be hungry, but she'd give him extra food just in case he felt hungry later. Would that I had looked a little closer YESTERDAY!!! So, now what? I'm cleaning the bowl trying to figure out a plan. It's way too late to call anyone for advice. Normally, I'd call Honor and hash out this mess. I can't very well wake Andrew up- it's 1:30 AM, for crying out loud. So, I decide to put him back in his bowl. I am pouring him and a pitcher of water in at the same time, you know, to save time. BIG MISTAKE. I'm all done, looking at the tank and I can't see his tiny little body. Where did he go?! Oh, that's right- the water coming from the pitcher must have moved the little rocks at the bottom enough that his tiny little body that can't move on its own anymore got stuck underneath them. All I can see is part of the tail. Great. So, I'm not so smart when it comes to fish. I get a long spoon and try to dig him out. He comes out all right, but I think I did something to the tail... it looks a little funny. So, now he is just floating in the tank- his poor body slightly maimed. Do I leave him and see who else notices? Do I hope no one notices and try to replace him on Monday? Do I flush his little body and explain in the morning to the girls what happened? Do I leave him and explain in the morning and let them participate in the flushing? OH, WHAT TO DO?!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh, Alexa!

Alexa has had a busy month... so far. We finished her Kindergarten shots last week. She did great. She didn't flinch or say anything. When it was all over she looked at me and said, "Did I say ow?" When I told her she hadn't, she looked at me and said, "Ow." That was it. Funny little girl.
Today she went to the dentist. I am sad to report she is no longer in the No Cavities Club. It was a total fluke, though. The dentist said she had amazing teeth everything is perfect... except for this one crazy molar that has horrible enamel. Weird. Dr. Brown said it was weird too. So, the day after we get back from Seattle she gets to go in and have some work done. I don't think she fully comprehends what that entails. I'm not about to clue her in. Friday she is having her birthday party of sorts. We are taking her and three friends to see Horton Hears a Who and then out to dinner. So much easier than a party and she is thrilled. Sunday she will be five. I can hardly believe it. Next week we have Kindergarten registration. I'm not sure who is more excited- me or her. She is more than ready for it and I am ready to have her go. (Now, that doesn't mean that I don't love her... she just needs to go.) She is wise beyond her years and, as much as her constant backtalking and chatter drives me INSANE, she does make me laugh with the stuff she says. This was a conversation we had last week:
Lex: M-O-M (yes, she spells my name out to me now. I am no longer mom), do you have something I can read on my bed?
Mom: What do you want to read?
Lex: I don't know- like a fashion magazine or something?
Mom: Well, I have a parenting magazine. Will that work?
Lex: No, it's not the same at all.
And then she turned and walked away from me. OK, do you know any four year olds who care about fashion?! So, then today she goes out to get the mail with Andrew, comes running back in with something that looked like a magazine and said, "Look M-O-M, I think it's kind of like a fashion magazine!" It was the new Target magazine, that I suppose could be seen as a fashion magazine. There were clothes and makeup and jewelry in it... I hope it made her happy.
I love her to death. She is such a huge help with the other girls- even when she doesn't want to be. And even though she takes pleasure in pushing my buttons as hard as she knows how, I'm pretty sure she loves me too.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fun With Friends

It took all four of them to pick out a movie. Alexa acted as Vanna White and showcased each one she pulled out. They finally decided on The Little Mermaid.
Reactions to the scary part of the movie. Callie moved in closer to Alexa and Christian had to stand up to deal with the intense moment.
The Spencers came to visit us this weekend. We were excited to see them. The kids had a great time playing outside. I think Benjamin and Christian were just excited to be outside in only sweatshirts! John told us they still have plenty of snow on the ground in Heber. Alexa is already asking when we can go up again to see them. I think we'll wait till the weather gets better up there. Callie liked that the twins were smaller than her. She came up to me at one point and said, "I told them they can be my best friends." She is so cute. Thanks for coming to see us!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No, her hair isn't blowing in the wind... she pulled her rubberband out and it stuck that way.
Cute Callie on her big swing.
Do her feet look big to you??

Since the weather was nice, Leah made her debut on the swing this last week. She had a blast. Callie was booted from her "baby" swing to a "big kid" swing. We just need to teach her how to get on and off by herself without falling and how to pump her legs so I don't have to push so much! I suppose that is a tall order for such a tiny two year old. We'll get there, eventually.

Bubbles, anyone?

So, this is my girls' idea of a bubble bath. If they get in my bath tub, add bubbles and turn the jets on for a few seconds, bubble heaven is created. They love it and want to know why I won't allow them to do it more often. Do you know how long it took for those bubbles to go away after they got out of the bath?!

Cute Little Leah

So, she fell asleep on the floor and this is what I found. She loves to get all wrapped up in her blanket. I could see a hand, some legs, and a tiny little pigtail- that was it. I guess it's a good thing she likes her pacifier now... this could potentially be seen as dangerous!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So, today my girls thought it would be fun to give me a makeover. I don't know about it being fun, but it was sure funny. I didn't take pictures... trust me- that would have been bad. They combed (yanked) my hair, styled it (put 50 barrettes in), gave me a facial (wet Q-tips that took all my makeup off), and painted my nails (was there paint on my nails or just on my fingers? hmm...). They had a great time and want to do it again soon. Lucky me!!
I also made it through my YW combined activity tonight. It was a success and everyone had a great time. I am just glad it is over and I don't have another combined activity to plan for about three months. I love being in Young Women's even though it is a lot of work. The girls are so cute and the Beehives are so easy to please! It's so different from being with the Mia Maids. Despite my apprehensions about changing callings, I am liking where I am at now.
That's it for today. Another sunny one here- we should be hitting the 70's again this weekend. Anyone want to come visit?