Monday, July 12, 2010


My sister, my mom and I went to see Eclipse at midnight on opening night. We've never done that before. Yes, it was a little extreme. No, we won't do it again. We showed up at the theater two and a half hours early, sat in a very long line and each read a book till it was time to move. We have discovered that: people are crazy when it comes to these movies, people have little respect for others when they care passionately about something (or even if they don't), and movie theater workers do not have rocket science degrees. The theater we went to have Eclipse showing on 6 screens. We had tickets for the very first theater. Little did we know that our theater also housed the patrons who paid to see New Moon before Eclipse started. While every other line for every other theater was moving, we were standing still. Honor and I tried to see what was going on and our not so friendly movie staff informed us that they were not making the people in our theater move to the theaters they had bought tickets for. So, there were not seats for any of us in our theater. They were "trying" to figure out what to do with us. Well, I was a little mad. We didn't buy our tickets months in advance and wait in line for almost three hours to get crappy seats that weren't even near each other. I finally asked a guy if we could just go in and see what we could find. (For crying out loud, the movie was getting ready to start). He shrugged his shoulders, so I took that as a yes. As we walked past a bunch of other angry Eclipse fans, I heard someone say, "How come they get to go in?" Well, the theater had plenty of seats. We got great seats and felt bad for all the other people in line who had to rush in at the last minute. Seriously, if those "helpful" staff members had just taken a look inside, they would have realized everything would be fine. OK, long story done. We liked the movie. It was way too late to stay up for it. And, I was FREEZING on the way home. Teeth chattering, turning on the heat in my car cold. Serves me right for going out at night in Washington. :)

*And, my friends at home will happy to know that I sat in the middle of my mom and my sister. Who took my place at the end?? :)