Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Events

I can hardly believe this weekend went by so fast. There was so much going on, I hardly had time to rest like I'd hoped I would. I've also been plagued with that nasty cold I left home with the whole time I've been here. Between late nights visiting with my brothers and sisters and hardly being able to breathe, I'm not well rested. I'm sitting here at my parents computer posting this blog only because my flight home was delayed three hours this morning... Yuck. I will be home about five hours later than I had anticipated- oh well. What can you do?
My sisters threw a baby shower for me on Saturday morning. We had such a great time. I got to see lots of friends I haven't seen in quite some time. I'm hoping that by bringing home a lot of little boy things I will now have the nerve to go buy what I need and won't be so terrified of the color blue. :) Here are just a few pictures.
My cute sisters and my mom: Karen, Amber, Siri, Mom, Emily, Me, Honor, and Veronique.
Friends from long ago- Liz, me, Brittany, and Neeley. We've known each other since 2nd grade. Brittany and Neeley are also both expecting babies. It was so fun seeing them!
I think this may be the only other picture taken of me.... which I'm OK with. I had to laugh when I got here- everyone loves my hair (thanks, Deanna) and everyone thinks I look tan... it's that great St. George weather. It was cold and rainy the whole time I was here. I think I saw patches of sun one day, but that was it. I did freeze every time I walked outside, but it was so nice to be home that I didn't really mind. I had a great time with my family and, as expected, I'm not quite ready to leave yet... it always works that way. Andrew has done great with the girls while I've been away. They have had fun being with Dad and he even made it to church on time on Sunday. I'm impressed.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LONG Overdue

I'm sure my mom thinks I forgot that I promised her this picture. I didn't forget- I was just trying to find a fun centerpiece to make the picture look better... I failed miserably because as you all know, I hate decorating. It's not my thing. It probably never will be. Instead you all get to see my fruit. ANYWAY... Some of the fun of having my parents here for Christmas was getting to shop for a new dining room table. Our old table was great when we got it- it fit perfectly in our kitchen of the townhouse we were living in... it was great when there were three of us... it was OK when there were four of us.... but now that Leah refuses to sit in her high chair, it just doesn't work anymore. So, my parents helped us get a new one while they were here. Through a random course of events, we had eight chairs for our old table. We decided to keep them rather than buy new ones. Eventually I will get around to painting them so they go with the table... I just haven't been that ambitious yet. So, Mom- here it is... it's great, we love it... we mostly love that we all fit around it. :)

27 Weeks

I suppose it's time for another picture. I'm not very good at keeping people updated, am I? I will be 27 weeks tomorrow- it's still hard to believe I'm closer to the end than the beginning. I got all my blood test results back last week- everything looked fine, so no worries there. Next week I have my second ultrasound. They are already concerned about my fluid levels and where my placenta is sitting. This pregnancy feels a little like deja vu except the problems are starting earlier than they did with Leah. Or maybe we know what to look for better this time. I guess that's just the way things go. I'm not worried. I have a great doctor and have complete confidence in his decisions for my pregnancy. I'm actually hoping this will be very much like Leah and I can have this baby three weeks early too. :) I'm spoiled, I know. So, that's the update. Still no name picked out... we'll get to it eventually. We moved Alexa into the spare bedroom and are in the process of moving Leah out of the crib and in with Callie. Once I get home from Washington we'll make the move. I've boxed up all my little girl stuff to take up North to my sister. It's so nice to have it out of the way! It's also shocking how much stuff you can accumulate after having three girls. I will be glad she is the one storing it now and not me. So, things are moving along. I have no complaints except for being tired all the time, but that's old news... I'm always tired. The girls are good- they are excited for their brother to come. Leah has started to point to my stomach and say, "baby". I only wish she knew what it meant for her future...