Friday, February 27, 2009

The Big 3-0.

Andrew's birthday was on Sunday... I'm a little slow in sharing that bit of information. I think Andrew is probably grateful I'm slow. He's not the type to want fanfare from people. So, in typical Andrew fashion, we had dinner and ice cream cake- just the five of us. It was lots of fun. The girls were far more excited than he was. Alexa went through the drawer that has the candles and tried to count out 30. Luckily we only had 26, so we just stuck three on top of the cake and called it good. All the girls sat on his lap and helped blow them out. Andrew and I went out for dinner on Friday night to celebrate early. Thanks to Michelle for watching all the girls. We went to Made in Brazil, which is just off Sunset. (Is that what it is called??) Anyone who hasn't been there, we highly recommend it. It was really busy and we heard the wait can get crazy, but we loved it. How is is possible that we are getting old?! I remember thinking 30 seemed far away and here it is. I'm welcoming our 30's with open arms- may they be even better than our 20's. Happy Birthday, Andrew!! We love you!

Friday, February 20, 2009

So, Leah was playing in my bathroom today while I was in the shower. She does this everyday and usually leaves a trail of tears after she is done... my tears because I have to clean up such huge messes. But, what can you do from the shower but watch the mess unfold?? She just laughs when I yell at her to stop. The one thing I have had to put up on the counter is the Q-tips. She has a tendency to want to clean her own ears, which terrifies me because I don't want her to stick them in too far. Today she carried a chair into my bathroom and managed to reach the box. This is what she looked like when I got out. She is too funny. (They are pink, of course, because we are a house full of girls... I think Callie picked them out the last time we went to the store. Don't worry, we make sure Andrew has the white ones.)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eww.... Gross!

So, yesterday morning we were eating breakfast and Leah was standing by the back door yelling, "Bird! Bird!" And, being the totally observant mom that I am, I ignored the back door and said, "Yes, there are birds out there." Then she started saying, "Eww! Gross!" So, I thought maybe I should have a look. This is what we found. It was big! This was no tiny sparrow that happened to hit the window. We're not sure what happened to it or how it ended up in our backyard, but we spent the rest of the day listening to Leah and her commentary on the bird. And in typical girl fashion, we waited for Dad to come home and take care of it for us... wouldn't you have done the same thing?