Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So, I'm a little slow in posting these milestones since they both happened over a month ago, but here are the pictures to document them. Leah FINALLY started walking. I guess she was on the same time schedule as Callie was- 16 and a half months. I can hardly stand them by the time they decide to walk on their own. And, Alexa finally decided to learn to ride her bike. She was the biggest pain to teach. She stopped every three seconds claiming that she was going to crash. I finally told her I refused to help her until she was willing to do what I asked her to do. We actually went a good three weeks without even touching her bike because of this. Then she realized that all her friends on our street could ride around all afternoon and she had to stay behind and it wasn't so fun. I was almost convinced that Callie would learn before her. Leah spends a lot of time at this window watching the kids play outside without her. She hates it.

Our neighborhood is perfect for bike riding because all the streets are completely flat. There are six kids down this street that are in Kindergarten this year- three boys and three girls. They all play together really well. It's lots of fun.

Carving Pumpkins

So, this year we got one pumpkin carved... it was a bad day and we were lucky we got the one done. We let the girls decide what they wanted. Their requests were, "a normal smiley pumpkin". Not so original, but they were happy with it.
Leah was particularly excited- can you tell by the smile on her face?