Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Super Quick Trip

Last weekend we went up to SLC to say goodbye to my sister, Siri, and her family. They are now living in the flat (or so she tells me) state of Wisconsin. It will be the first time in many, many, many years that she and I haven't lived near each other and the first time I haven't had another family member living in Utah with me. I'll be honest, it makes me sad. Even though SLC is four hours from here, it is still close enough to know that we can see each other if we need or want to. Wisconsin is a flying trip only and those won't happen nearly as much. I will miss her, but I am happy for this new experience they will have.
I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should have while were there. Acually, these pictures at Bridalveil Falls on our way out of town were the only pictures I took.

We drove up on Friday and stayed in Midway with our good friends, the Spencers. We love visiting with them! They have four little boys that stagger the ages of our girls. It's so much fun to see them all together. Early Saturday morning we met a friend of Siri's at Wheeler Farms in Midvale to take family pictures. What was going to be family pictures actually turned out being pictures of the kids and a few of me with them... Andrew didn't come with us on this trip. He just started a new job and was working both jobs for two weeks and was truly on overload. Not enough hours in the day to get everythig done, as usual. The pictures turned out great, even though it was not a true family picture- I was really happy with the rest.

We hung out with Siri, Chris, Jack, and Will the rest of Saturday. We spent the afternoon swimming, playing, and touring IKEA because my kids would live at IKEA if I would let them. It was fun to see the cousins together one last time and sad to drive away.

We went to church with John and Rach on Sunday morning, which was not a fun experience. Four kids who had a busy weekend, who were with their friends at church= not a happy mom. We left after Sacrament Meeting, changed our clothes and started for home. We stopped at Bridalveil, which is where all these pictures came from. We took the path up to the Falls and back. I haven't done that in years! It was fun and it got all the kids' energy out before we got in the car for the drive home.

It will be odd to go to Salt Lake and not see Siri and her family anymore. She was the reason we went there. I guess it will make trips up North fewer and farther between.