Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

I'm so glad Halloween is over. It's far from my favorite holiday and it seems to last longer and longer every year. This I had to dress up kids for a piano recital, two different dance classes, the church party, the school parties (which were on Friday instead of Monday), a preschool party, and the actual Halloween night. I am done. Very, very done. Leah decided to change her mind halfway through the week long event, which I was actually glad about. She was going to be Little Red Riding Hood first. Then we went and saw the Little Mermaid at Tuacahn and she decided to be Ariel (as seen above). Then, after one day of Ariel she decided to be a witch. The witch is the easiest by far and I was glad it finally stuck.

These are the spoils from the Ward Halloween party last Tuesday night. It's the same every year and the kids love it: dinner at the park at the end of our street, carnival games put on by the Young Men and Young Women and some Trunk-or-Treating. It's so easy and I love that it is close to home.

This is before we went out on Monday night. Leah and Quinten managed to break a broomstick sometime in the last week and I refused to get the other down for her because I knew it would take the same path. And, I have no idea where her hat was. Typical Leah. She marches to the beat of a different drum....

I think Callie's costume said it was a leopard lady. She loved it, of course. It's right up her alley- pink with a little fluff.

Ahh- there's the hat. Good thing her hat covered her crazy hair. That is what I love best about this costume: I didn't have to try to tame her crazy hair into anything other than what it was. Actually, there is a great possibility that her hair never even got combed on Monday....

Alexa is... picky. If her costume wasn't just so, she wouldn't leave the house. If her hair wasn't just so, she wouldn't leave the house. If her makeup didn't look exactly how she envisioned it in her mind, she wouldn't leave the house. She is the reason I hate this holiday. OK, not the whole reason, but some of it. It's way too much work pleasing her. Next year she informed me she wants to be an archer. Really? An archer? Anyone have a bow and arrow I can borrow for next year??

Isn't he the cutest pirate you ever saw? Andrea and Mike bought his costume for him while they were in town. He wanted to to be like Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He has spent the last two weeks hitting his sisters with his sword. And I have spent the last two weeks taking it from him and hiding it on top of the fridge or my armoire. He actually liked trick-or-treating this year. He was worn out after one street, but he sat in the stroller and was so good after that. And he loves the fact that he has his own bag of candy to pull treats from. Leah didn't last much longer than Quin, and she sat in the stroller when she was done, as well. The other girls literally ran from house to house and we couldn't keep up with them. It was a beautiful night- the weather was perfect. It's one of the many perks of living in St. George, I guess. My sister Honor says we sometimes don't live in reality here. That kids can run around a neighborhood in short sleeves on Halloween, not to mention go door to door safely, is something that doesn't happen where they live. She is right. We live in the perfect neighborhood for Halloween. The streets are flat, the neighbors are great, the weather is good... we are very lucky to live here.


Coordination Queen said...

Kylie got a bow and arrow set for Christmas last year. :) it is amazing to me the differences in kids.

Veronique said...

Wow those are great costumes. I know its a lot of work for us moms but so much fun to see the kids get so into it. This year Charlotte "got it" she was so eager to get candy put into her little bucket (which could hold maybe 5 candies)