Monday, September 27, 2010

School Pictures... A Little Late

School started ages ago and I'm just getting the pictures up. Alexa started the second week of August, Callie started a week later, and Leah started a couple weeks after that. Everyone is doing well and loving it. It's so funny to see the different personalities of my kids shine through on big days, such as the first day of school. If I had my best guess, Alexa was nervous, but she'd never let us know that she was. She's ready to get back to school, for sure; she's tired of being home. She walks into her class, doesn't really want to talk to us- just wants us to leave. Is she embarrassed by us?! It's just Alexa's way, I suppose. Callie, on the other hand, is bouncing off the walls before we left the house, jumping up and down, can't stop smiling and gives me a big hug before I leave her new Kindergarten room. Everything is fun, everything is exciting and she is ready for it all. And then there's Leah. I stayed and helped in her Preschool on the first day of school and it was a good thing that I did or she probably never would have gotten out of the car. She never left my side, hardly said a word to her teacher and was ready to leave when the two hours was up. I'm happy to report it has gotten better over the past month, and I'm optimistic that she will love it by Christmas. :) It's a little crazy to think that I have three kids in school at least a couple days a week. I had high hopes that I would get lots done with just one kid for a few hours... fat chance. Quinten has turned into a busy, messy, run away from you little boy. Maybe as he gets older.... a mom can hope.

The first picture is of Alexa before school. She got a little sun the day before school started, which accounts for her pink cheeks. And, she's missing a few teeth. :) This picture is of Alexa and her friend, Natalie. They ride their bikes or wald back and forth to school together. It's so nice to have friends on our street so they can do that! Alexa didn't have any friends moving into her class with her this year. She knew three boys and one girl from church, but that was it. I'm so glad the transistion has been easy- with Alexa, you never know. She has made great friends- two girls have also been on her fall soccer team.

This is Leah on her Preschool orientation day. She insisted on wearing her backpack the whole time.

This is Callie on her first day of Kindergarten. She was giddy, excited, happy, and smiled a ton. She came home and had already made friends and was ready to go back. Callie is my most outgoing child- it's so fun to see her interact with other people because you can see she genuinely loves it.
This was Leah's actual first day of school. The smile on her face is deceiving... she wasn't as thrilled when we got there.
This is after school- probably just grateful to be home. :)

Our girls are so cute; each so different, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


Coordination Queen said...

You'll get more done during the day as he gets older... And goes to school! ;)